Your appearance and health of your skin is important to us. We are here to give you results with enlarged pores, acne, dark spots, fine lines, dull complexion and much much more. To reveal a beautiful glowing complexion.

The Experts at Beauty Loft Spa suggest getting a facial at lease every quarter if you want to maintain the health and glow of your skin. Or monthly to correct skin concerns and issues. Sometimes every 2 weeks is necessary for dramatic results for problematic skin. Using a skincare regimen consistently will maintain your skin in between visits. A skin care regimen consists of cleansing, toning, treatment serums, exfoliation, moisturizing and protecting the skin daily.

 We can help you determine your skin type, the best ingredients, and products to use on your skin.

 Many factors can impact your skin pollution, stress, sun, diet, and lack of proper skincare takes a heavy toll on your face. Let an expert clean up your face to get rid of the layers of dirt, debris, and dead skin.  All facials include dermal planing complementary if your skin permits to give a smoother brighter look to the skin.


Best Skin Care Products In Atlanta

At Beauty Loft Spa, our goal is to help you achieve healthier, more beautiful skin and FEEL LIKE A CELEBRITY. For our skin care treatments we use trusted, high-quality products, so that you can achieve a glow that lasts beyond your first facial.

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See How We Have Transformed Some Of Our Clients With Skin Care

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How do I know what should I get done to improve my skin?
Our experts will consult you regarding what you should get done to improve the quality of your skin and feel fresh and beautiful.

Can I get done with facial and masques together in a single appointment?
Yes, you can get done with facial and masque together. It will give you better results and we can select both of them based on your skin’s requirement.

How do i know what treatment is best for my skin? 

We provide many different ways to get suggestions and recommendations for your skincare treatment plan, you can send pictures of your skin to our patient services number 678-878-0380, schedule a one on one 15 minute virtual chat consultation, in person 15 minute consultation or If your not available for those options we can do an in person consultation when you arrive for your skin therapy appoint. Schedule a general facial treatment.


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