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Nonsurgurcal Face Slimming

The Jawline contour is a treatment that is non invasive to reduce the double chin, turkey neck to give you a more defined jawline that is lifted and snatched. Look thinner in your pictures. We use ultra sonic fat cavitation, skin tightening radio frequency and laser lipo to achieve your desired results. To get  maximum results we request that you drink 1-2 liters 2 days before appoint and two days after. Restrict salty foods, processed foods, alcohol, coffee and citrus fruits 2 days before treatment and two days after. Depending on desired results and amount of fat pads and lose skin will determine how many treatments you will need to achive your desired results. Most people are happy with 3-6 treatments. Treatment can be done weekly. Great alternative to liposuction.

How It Works?

Are you concerned with your face looking bloated, fat, round or have a double chin. With the advancement of technology we have the ability to gradually give you a more lifted defined and younger look to your face. Don’t get caught with a profile that can make you look bigger than you really are. Try Jawline contouring for it proven results.

This treatment is great for people have a genetics working against them giving them a double chin. If you are a generally healthy eater and have a active life style but can’t seem to get rid of the localized fat on the cheeks and underneath the chin the Jawline Contouring is a great treatment for you. Some people require 6-10 treatments to achieve their desired result.

Services or Packages

Jawline Contouring Packages

*Includes Complimentary Wood Therapy and Whole Body Vibration

Maintaining a low calorie, low carbohydrate, low fat, and low sugar diet for 24 hours per-treatment and three days post-treatment that will help achieve the best results. If suitable, I also encourage our clients to stick to this diet as much as they can. Many find this to be a great starting point for maintaining a healthier lifestyle in the future.

To ensure your body responds well to ultrasound fat cavitation and laser lipo, drink 2L of water prior to and following your treatment. Drinking water helps your body to flush out the fat cells that the technology is melting. If you are not drinking enough water it is impossible to lose weight or inches. The best water to drink is definitely alkaline water it can help to give your body a maximum level of hydration over plain bottled water or tap water.

A minimum of 20 minutes of elevated heart rate cardio exercise is best post-treatment of Laser Lipo and Ultra sonic fat cavitation. The best time to do this is immediately after the treatment, and for the three days following. This is to ensure the stored energy released by the cavitation process is burnt off and your able to release the fat cells and toxins in the lymph nodes.

During this procedure, specific ultrasound energy levels are used, due to which only fat cells are damaged, while your organs stay in tack. There are not any reports of side effects of this treatment, except some mild redness, slight soreness and discomfort which is easily tolerable, an increased need for water (thirst) and nausea, which passes right after you drink some water. All of these side effects pass very quickly.


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