Skincare Treatments For People Of Color

Beauty Loft Spa we go above and beyond to find the best products for ethnic skin. Our skilled estheticians will pamper and correct any skincare issues.  To help you achieve lasting results, we will: 

1. Assess the overall appearance and health of your skin.

2. Determine the source of any problems. For example, skincare problems can be related to stress, hormones or diet.

3. Share tips on foods to avoid or add to your diet to help correct and maintain healthy skin.

4. Recommend nutritional supplements or herbs that can help your skin to change faster

5. Educate you on what ingredients to look for in skincare products based on your specific skincare needs.

6. Provide you with a customized treatment plan with follow-up every 2-4 weeks for the best results. 

Why Beauty Loft Spa?

Beauty Loft Spa clients have been so excited and impressed by how dark spots and scaring they have had for years is brightening up and fading.

Our clients have told their friends and coworkers that they have never seen their skin look this smooth or glow like this in a long time.

Several clients have also been so excited to see how much younger they look with taking better care of there skin with an esthetician that knows ethnic skin.

See How We Have Transformed Some Of Our Clients With Ethnic Skin Care

If you are ready to enjoy the way your skin looks and stop using different selfie filters to correct your skin. We are here for you. Come in for you expert to discuss how you can have beautiful, clear, glowing skin free from acne, dark spots, enlarged pores, rough texture, dry skin, dull skin and wrinkles.


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