Chemical Peels For The Body

Body peels, much like facial peels, rely on chemical exfoliation from ingredients to improve skin tone and texture from neck to toe. Upon application, these acids break down the bonds between dead skin cells, effectively “peeling” away a layer of dead skin.

It gently sloughs off the top layer of your skin and reveals more youthful and fresh skin. Chemical peels use acid (there are different types) to break down the top layer, or layers, of skin to help diminish the look of fine lines, wrinkles and uneven skin tone.

Services or Packages

Superficial Peel

This type of chemical peeling, the mild acid composing of Alpha-hydroxyl is used to gently exfoliate by acting on the outer layer of skin. This form of peel treatment is used to improve the appearance of rough skin and treat colour difference. It can also be used to refresh the skin on the face, neck, chest and more.

Medium Peel

This peel is applied for the outer and middle layers. The applied glycolic or trichloroacetic acid helps to remove damaged skin cells. It treats moderate amount of skin differences, age spots, freckles, etc. 

Deep Peel

Trichloroacetic acid or phenol is used for the middle layer of your skin. This peel treatment is used to treat or remove moderate lines, freckles, shallow scars etc. This treatment can only be performed once, and is known make an huge difference. Improvement in your skin’s appearance.

See How We Have Transformed Some Of Our Clients With Body Peels


What to expect after getting a body peel?

  • Light chemical 
    Your skin will recover in about four to seven day. Your skin can be temporarily be lighter or darker
  • Medium chemical peels 
    Your skin will recover in about five to seven days after a medium chemical peel, though you may have redness that persists for  months.  Your skin will initially swell, and then form crusts and brown blotches before revealing new skin.
  • Deep chemical peels 
    It will take about two weeks for the new skin to develop, though white spots or cysts may last several weeks. It may take months for your skin to recover.

 What are the risks and possible side effects of a chemical peel?
Common side effects are temporary, and include redness, dryness, stinging or burning, and slight swelling. With deep peels, you may permanently lose the ability to tan.

      1. Darkening or lightening of the skin color
      2. Infections.
      3. Heart, liver, or kidney damage.


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