The Beauty Loft Spa offers a pristine experience inside of a relaxing and luxurious environment. The one on one services are affordable and tailored to the particular requests of each client. This unique rejuvenation spa offers “The Total Package,” which includes everything from cutting-edge results-driven skin care therapies, to non-surgical body sculpting and skin tightening, eyelash extensions, micro blading, and professional make-up artistry.

We treat all skin types with care and expert attention. However, our in-depth expertise is in ethnic skin.


“The Golden Touch” awaits you. From your first visit, you will understand the difference at Beauty Loft Spa. Gold splashes of color welcome you in a warm private setting, are early indicators of how luxuriously you will be treated. We will skillfully cater to your personal beauty goals. Our FDA cleared body sculpting treatments, such as ultrasonic fat cavitation, laser liposuction, and skin tightening offers you gradual, modest fat loss and skin tightening without surgery or downtime. These non-invasive treatments destroy fat cells that lie just beneath the skin (subcutaneous fat) without harming the surface of the skin.

We also help enhance your overall appearance to be nothing less than fabulous through result driven chemical peels, microdermabrasion, semi-permanent eyelashes, eyebrow microblading, and make-up application.


At Beauty Loft Spa we believe beauty and wellness is a lifestyle. Your experience will begin with a body sculpting, and/or skin care consultation and analysis that will address all of your concerns. For long-lasting results, we help you create an aftercare and maintenance plan that includes a sensible diet and exercise. You’ll find our use of advanced rejuvenating concepts, a naturally based clinical grade skincare line is formulated to help you achieve the youthful, glowing and radiant skin that you deserve. We have a skin care solution waiting for you. 

Experienced Professional

Highly experienced estheticians with many certifications and advanced training here to service you in a 1 on 1 private clinic. We never kiss and tell on who our clients are, your privacy is very important to us.


The Beauty Doctor

Bringing Hollywood to the South,” Eryn Renee, the woman behind the name, is synonymous with glamor and passion. Highly renowned and respected in the beauty industry, Eryn Renee began her career as a print model and actress which awakened her fascination with the magic that took place in the makeup chair. She loved the ability of makeup to camouflage issues of acne and hyperpigmentation to be “camera ready.” Realizing that healthy, glowing skin is the real key to a flawless appearance, she focused her passion on an educational journey in the field of advanced skin care and beauty techniques, which she brings to Atlanta to give every woman the “red carpet” transformation.

Eryn Renee has a beautiful and dynamic connection with transforming clients’ lives that stems from her own personal journey with her health and happiness. At the age of 13, a chronic pain condition stripped her of her joy, and even damaged her self-confidence. She would find that sprucing up her appearance had a huge impact on her self-esteem. She almost instantly felt better. Eryn Renee knew then that she would devout her life to helping each client also smile again. The services offered are far more than popular trends or treatments, they are part of the way she adds joy to the lives of others. Her beauty industry connection is deeply rooted in aiding clients in getting away from their worries and concerns, while also feeling so good that they can fiercely handle anything that comes their way.

Eryn Renee has worked as a skincare expert for Dr. Perricone, Bliss, HydroPeptide, MD Skincare, Advanced Rejuvenating Concepts, and Anastasia Beverly Hills. Her extensive education in makeup artistry includes training and working under the world-renowned makeup artist Sam Fine.


Her passion is educating her clients. She wants to partner with you. Eryn Renee will provide you with aftercare guides to help you maintain your results in-between sessions.  “To get the results you deserve, be prepared to improve your nutrition and exercise regularly.”


Eryn Renee’s results-driven approach to treating skin conditions through targeted chemical peels, facials and micro-abrasions using clinical grade products along with aftercare has created a loyal base of satisfied repeat customers.

Since 2007, Eryn Renee has been a certified advanced eyelash technician for Xtreme® lashes, the global leader in synthetic mink and silk lash extensions.  She is also skilled at microblading, a semi-permanent fix for thin eyebrows. She uses her extensive experience to create the look to complement your eyes, facial features, and lifestyle.


While estheticians are trained to treat all skin types, Eryn Renee, is an ethnic skincare specialist. She has successfully reversed excessive skin damage, hyperpigmentation, and scarring that had previously zapped her client’s self-confidence.

As a makeup artist and image stylist, Eryn Renee has worked with a diverse, multicultural clientele. Award shows, music videos, film, television, and fashion shoots are just some of the large platforms that have benefited from her expertise. Be it a wedding or celebrity special appearance, Eryn Renee will color match, highlight and accentuate all this is necessary for a picture perfect you. There is no doubt she can deliver impeccable results for you.


Eryn Renee has the skills and passion for perfection, but you’ll also love her warm and friendly spirit. You can count on her to help you achieve your skincare and body sculpting goals for a look that you’ll love. Whether you are preparing for an upscale event, a night on the town, or simply to shine every day, Eryn’s creative talents, expertise, and passion will have you looking your fabulous best!

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